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Not only being a manager, but a service partner who offers its clients comprehensive support - that is what matters to us at Verwey GmbH. And it’s what we stand for: an expert team of real estate merchants, lawyers, accountants, certified management accountants and engineers.

Logo of Verwey Bens Zwangsverwalter GbR

Verwey Bens Zwangsverwalter GbR

Management of distressed real estate in judicial receivership

Hagen Bens
+49 (0) 20 66 39 01 - 0

Logo of IEB Immobilien- Entwicklungs- & Betreuungs-GmbH

IEB Immobilien- Entwicklungs- & Betreuungs-GmbH

Technical support and management of construction projects according to HOAI [Fee Scales for Architects and Engineers], new and existing buildings, preparation of technical due diligence, technical drawings, planning of new buildings, intake of existing properties, preparation of floor plans, etc.

Dipl.-Ing.* Georg Steeg
+49 (0)20 66 393 99-201

Dipl.-Ing.* Thorsten Rößmann
+49 (0)2066 393 99-204

* Graduated engineer

Logo of H+V TESCHE Immobilienverwaltung GmbH

H+V TESCHE Immobilienverwaltung GmbH

Regional management of owners’ associations and rental properties focusing on North Rhine Westphalia

Dipl.-Kfm.* Jörg van Heek
+49 (0) 211 6000 19 - 40

* Graduated merchant

Logo der Bens – van den Berg Immobilien

Bens – van den Berg Immobilien

Partner oft he consulting group for rental and sales of condominiums, as well as rental units- and commercial properties

Christopher Hagen Bens
+49 (0) 28 41-60 89-284

Eric John van den Berg
+49 (0) 28 41-60 89-284