The Verwey
services for
property owners

The private property owners are one of the most important client groups for us at Verwey GmbH. We currently manage properties with a total of 2.000 rental units for this group. Here, an administrative activity near the property is especially important for us. We therefore operate this business segment in all our offices - Duisburg, Neuss, Düsseldorf / Erkrath, Berlin and Hamburg.

Real estate objects are usually considered long-term investment properties by their owners.

Our aim is to relieve the owners of all legal and building-technical concerns as well as in questions of management as much as possible while keeping an eye on the long-term income and of recoverability of real estate.

The real estate of every owner is so to speak managed by a solid team of managers, technicians and accountants - responsibly, reliably and competently.

Presentation of the front door key

A package that completely relieves the owner

  • Quarterly and annual reports as hardcopy and / or in electronic form. With you, we create transparency with regard to the profitability of your propert
  • Customised quarterly and annual reporting relating to the occupancy rate, nominal-actual rental comparison, contract duration of tenancies, rent adjustment opportunities, ongoing legal cases, etc.
  • Annual budget planning, including inspection of the property by our technicians to determine the general repair and renovation needs in addition to documentation
  • Professional tenant support and new rental of vacancies
  • Permanent care of the object master data and the tenant data and the security deposit verification
  • Visual inspection, completeness checks, documentation and archiving of all technical administrative documents and building plans
  • Testing, completion and supervision of all required service and maintenance contracts, such as for all lift, ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, sprinkler, fire alarm and smoke extraction systems
  • Timely and trouble-free settlement of claims 
Supervision of renovation and modernisation measures through our in-house Architectural and Technical Department