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In addition to the fiduciary management of residential and commercial real estate, the experts at Verwey GmbH have built up over 45 years of experience and competence in the management of distressed real estate. Today, the company employs a highly qualified team of around 10 specialists just for this business segment.

The expert team for the "Receivership" segment of Verwey GmbH consists of in-house lawyers, agents and business administrators in the real estate and housing industry, accountants and architects and civil engineers.

In the legal external relation, Hans Verwey, Hagen Bens and Stefan Bens (receivership law firm Verwey - Bens GbR) represent Verwey GmbH as commercial vicarious agents of the administrative receiver. The objective of the long years of proven collaboration between the law firm and the staff of Verwey GmbH is to manage the receivership of affected or so-called distressed properties in such a way that they become as economically viable as possible for the real estate market while protecting the interests of the mortgage creditors.

The receivership team has decades of experience in administration by the Court with over 10.000 processed judicial cases, ranging form condominiums to residential and commercial buildings to hotels, entire commercialor industrial parks, nursing homes and special-purpose real estate.

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Furthermore, the team is also specialised in the so-called "silent or cold receivership" of distressed properties as well as larger real estate portfolios, which Verwey GmbH manages nationwide on behalf of well-known domestic and foreign credit institutions and mortgage banks as asset and property manager or even as vicarious agents of the institution administrative receivers up to the re-marketing or stabilisation of the real estate.

Even owners whose real estate is in trouble can contact Verwey GmbH in confidence. A critical first step to get out of the given situation is often to call on the lending bank with regard to a solution together with the experts who have consulted with you and analysed the real estate beforehand. Under certain circumstances, the sending of the property to the receivership or foreclosure by the mortgage creditor can be averted – in conjunction with further necessary steps.