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residential property owners

Owners’ associations require some of the same administrative services but also ones that differ from those of the owners of entire objects. At Verwey GmbH, we have understood and internalised this. Similar to rental management, you also profit sustainably as a HOA member from our decentralised site structure. It represents proximity to the object. We currently manage approximately 70 objects with over 5.900 administrative units.

Among the properties managed by Verwey are numerous owners’ associations. As part of the HOA Management business segment, we, for example, take care of the assets of the association, calculate the home owner's association fees and share of costs, generate a business plan and much more.

Our aim is to relieve the owners of al legal and building-technical concerns as well as in questions of management as much as possible while keeping an eye on the long-term income and of recoverability of real estate.

The purpose of our services is to provide owners’ associations with a reliable and competent management of their community concerns which they can rely on.

a house in good hands

Special services for owners’ associations

  • Management of owners’ associations according to all legal requirements, specifically §§ 23, 24, 27 and 28 of the residential property law
  • Development and realisation of business plans
  • Conclusion, control and termination of all necessary works and service contracts
  • Hiring of service personnel such as as facility managers for the monitoring of facility management measures, including, among other things, building cleaning, maintenance of grounds, doorman services
  • Conclusion of insurance contracts and assertion of resulting claims
  • Execution of reminder and enforcement measures
  • Monitoring the building and usage rules, invoice review and payment instruction
  • Cost management through optimising of management and maintenance costs